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Valour Crypto Trading Robot 2022 | valour Bitcoin Trade Robot


Secure Platform Crypto Trade (Capital is safe)
Valour, founded by a group of data scientists, ML (Machine Learning) specialists, AI developers, and Crypto experts envisions to create robotic trading, crypto exchange, and high speed block chain transactions.

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Valour AI is a trading bot that was designed to use quantitative trading strategies to identify opportunities based on historical and market data, among other tools. The Valour crypto currency trading bot uses artificial intelligence algorithms to determine when to buy a coin and when to sell it. The goal is to provide solid profit opportunities and a set of rules that are applied to crypto currency pairs.

To create a winning crypto currency trading strategy, people need a broad set of resources. That’s exactly where Valour AI plays a significant role. The automated bots research, analyse, and evaluate from extensive available different resources and determine the trade which is most relevant for your trading strategy. By making sure that your strategy is as sound as possible, you're protecting yourself from losses and making sure that you're maximising the amount of gains you can make!

Integrated With Secure ML and AI Algorithms
Automated trading tools have proven to be the most valuable tool in the crypto currency market. Automate your trading strategies and get back to living life. Minimise downtime by trading in your sleep, without losing sleep, when you leverage our pre-built crypto currency trading bots or craft them from scratch with Valour script. This is a huge advantage to traders who want to grow their portfolio while they sleep.

In addition, they can automate their strategies and protect their portfolio from drops in the market. Valour automated trade bot gives us a real time trade with high precision and accuracy. The bot is expected to give a profit of 5 to 30 % average a month. Depends upon the market conditions


Minimal Coding
Technical Market Indicators
Fully Automated Bot Controls
500+ Extensive Algorithms
Resourceful Algorithm Calculations
Get Historic and Real-time Data
Tools to Check Bot Efficiency
Market Research Tools
Customize Dashboard

Build Your Portfolio and Trade within Minutes
The Crypto currency robot works with any currency pairs, and any tokens you desire. They can be traded against each other and over 10 other fiat currencies too. The intelligent system by Valour takes all of the human guesswork out of Crypto trading. It can handle several pairs, or all pairs at the same time. Although you go to sleep, the bit by Valour doesn’t. It’s always building your portfolio and making money for you. Users can place a trade with it and then go shopping, have lunch or even go to the office.

The Valour bot is 100% self-contained and runs on a PC, tablet or Android smartphone. Users can operate it from the screen of their phone or PC.

Automating Trades - Borrow, Buy, Sell, Network
Valour bot runs can be monitored across all devices. Users need to load the bot on the crypto currencies or tokens of their choice and let the AI work its wonders. The Valour bot has the potential to trade multiple currencies and exchanges simultaneously.

Harness the Potential of Valour Trade Server
Rule the volatility of the crypto markets like an ace with the distinct speed and capacity of the Valour Trade Server. Bank on the convenience of Cloud Management. Valour’s secured digital infrastructure will help its users backup their data and get going with 99.9% accuracy. The service shall help users -

Handle Complicated Crypto Trading
Data and Privacy Protection
Hassle-Free Maintenance
Cloud Hosted
No Restrictions on Transactions
Beat Volatility

Earn Unlimited Passive Income
Your trust can earn you countless rewards. You are confident about Valour, spread the word about the platform and earn 20% commission from each completed order you refer.

Autonomous Crypto Trading

Invest on multiple exchanges globally within minutes with automated crypto trading.

Monetize Through Networking

Get crypto bonus through affiliate marketing and earn on every transaction made by referrals and their subordinates.

Win Every Market

Automated bots monitor dips and spikes and make profit trade in every market condition


Step 1 - Activate your personal referral link

Step 2 - Send the Invitation link to your friends, family, colleagues, and other network

Step 3 - Get 20% commission on their successful sign up

Step 4 - Earn additional 20% when someone signs up through your referral’s network


Thinking of the Benefits of the Ambassador Liberty ?

Referral Link Tracking DashboardReview Analytics and Performance

Prompt and accurate Commission Pay-out daily basis

100 % Bonus Distribution

Decentralised Project

Unlimited Earning Opportunity

World’s first its own kind affiliation ‘VALOUR WING ‘

Day Trader’s Choice

Any person from anywhere in the world can associate with valour robo and make maximum trade profit. If any user get into valour without a refferal link, he/she shall be placed automatically under any of the lucky user and lucky user will receive all the benifits