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CoinMarketCap Learn n earn on ETH Merge – Win upto 1ETH

Win 1 ETH /200daimonds | Learn All About The Upcoming ETH Merge With the Official CoinMarketCap Merge Quiz

👉Register on the Binance exchange (you need an account with a verified KYC)

➡️Join Here:  https://coinmarketcap.com/events/eth-merge/

➖Scrool down

➖Post hashtags on CMC

➖Tweet to twitter

➖ Answer the question. (Check Here)

➖Submit Email registered on CMC > UID on Binance exchange

✳CoinMarketCap Merge Quiz Answer

Q. The Ethereum Merge will..

A. 0%

Q. Following the Ethereum Merge..

A. Every 12 Seconds

Q. The Ethereum Merge will..

A. ~10%

Q. Which of the following are possible

A. a,b,c

Q. What is the current proof..

A. ~4.1%

Q. When can staked ETH be..

A. After The Shanghai Upgrade

Q. How much ETH do you need..

A. 32 ETH

Q. If you do not own 32 ETH..

A. a,b,c

Q. In what order was the Ethereum..

A. Ropsten; Sepolia; Goerli

Q. Following the Merge, what is..

A. Surge, Verge, Purge, Splurge